Monday, December 7, 2009

National Night of Prayer for Life

Mrs. B sent this to the parents in the St. Therese parish, but some of the older members of Y-LIFE might be able to participate, or you can tell your parents about it:

 It was on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception that Our Lady of Guadalupe, patroness of the Americas and the unborn, first appeared to St. Juan Diego.  The National Night of Prayer bridges these two feasts to honor our Blessed Mother and to pray for the protection of all human life.  Please consider  joining the St. Therese Respect Life Group in our parish chapel from 9p.m. on December 8th and continuing through to1a.m. December 9th.  During the Hour of Unity (12p.m.-1a.m. EST) we will be united with churches across the country in prayer to end abortion and in reparation for all sins against the Gospel of Life.  Please spread the word about this opportunity and plan to spend at least a short time with us.

St. Therese Church
120 West Granby Road
Granby, CT

The chapel is in the parish hall behind the church.
If you have any questions feel free to respond to this email or check out:

Friday, December 4, 2009

Last Month to Sign Petition for the Unborn Child and the Family

Sorry it has been so long since we've posted to this blog.  It's been very busy with the Christmas Bazaar, a small craft fair and the Family Institute of Connecticut's 20th Anniversary Banquet.  A bunch of us went, and the keynote speaker was Austin Ruse of C-FAM at the United Nations.  C-FAM is the only pro-life, pro-family NGO at the UN and we need to get this link to everyone who reads this blog:  Petition for the Unborn Child and the Family.  Please, please take a little time and fill this out.  It's super quick, and they need to get a million signatures in a couple weeks.  They have over 300,000 more signatures to obtain, but if everyone makes an effort, we can do it.  What a nice birthday gift for the Infant Savior.  A huge thank-you to Joseph H. of iFIC, (FIC Youth Wing) for getting this to us!

Mr. Ruse is the president of C-FAM, and is an amazing speaker.  He was clear and presented to us the impact a few people can have ... for the bad.  He was speaking of a treaty called the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), which is overseen by a committee of private citizens, answerable to no one but themselves, who quietly and relentlessly use deceit and raw power to promote "reproductive freedom" as a human right for women.  Columbia is one country which has caved to the deceit ...  this committee advised them that they are non-compliant with international law regarding reproductive freedom, so Columbia, based on this lie, changed their laws restricting abortion.  This is just one example.  Go here to read more about this frightening strategy.

Okay, the blog is back on.  Blessed First Week of Advent to all, and we won't be strangers anymore!  One of our bloggers, Timothy J., is going to be posting a paper he wrote in installments, so keep an eye out for that.