Sunday, October 9, 2011

Y-LIFE's Awesome Conference

Wow! How can I not be motivated to do more pro-life activities after listening to Fr. Stephen Imbarrato of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe and Tyler Ament of the International Youth Coalition. Both speakers gave incredible talks on LIFE. Fr.Stephen told some very interesting stories (the Kathy Ireland one was great), and Mr. Ament gave a very informative talk on global LIFE issues. From Mr. Ament I leared that what we do in the battle for Life should be done positively and pro-actively. After Father's talk I understood that we are all accountable for the 126,000 daily deaths of unborn children in the world; and that we should do things everyday to stop this horrible slaughter. Posting pro-life things on Facebook is good, but it is not enough. We must go down to the abortion mills and pray and witness in front of them.  It is there that we come face to face with the reality and can make a real difference.