Saturday, March 20, 2010

Picketing and Breakfast Meeting

This morning we picketed in front of Hartford Gyn from 7 a.m. until 8:20 or so.  It's always really sad, especially when the mother does not want to go while her boyfriend or mother or aunt or gym teacher or whatever has her by the elbow.  Today we had what appeared the opposite ... the boyfriend wanted to stay and talk with the sidewalk counselor.  We prayed (because that's the best way to witness while the sidewalk counselor does his or her thing.)

After, we went to Ashley's for breakfast and had a meeting, because a lot of members showed up to picket today.  We'll be posting about upcoming events and projects when we get the notes sorted out ... more on the tag sale, the Conference and a possible celebration for St. Gerard's to celebrate the arrival of the ultrasound! And bake sales.  Actually, the only baked stuff we have ever sold has been at tag sales and bazaars.  The humble bake sale can make a lot of money for the effort.

It's really gorgeous here in Connecticut today ... really sad to think that some of those mothers will remember an early spring day as the day their baby died. Or maybe they'll be like some of the speakers we've had ... not really remembering at all, but sort of having this overwhelming sadness that no one ever talks about. And maybe some of them won't have an abortion today.  Please God.

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