Thursday, September 8, 2011

Connecticut Right to Life Corp. Comes Through for Y-LIFE ... BIG TIME.

Well, what can we say?  Connecticut Right to Life Corporation has once again come through for us with a very generous donation to offset the Conference.  Talk about "casting bread upon the waters" ... they are firm believers in the future of the pro-life movement, and they see that future as being young people.

Actually, the donation came a few days before the tag sale we had (with the AhChoo Homeschooling Group of Waterbury.)  We were going into the tag sale late, in a different venue, without our usual inventory and it felt a little panicky.  The CRLC donation was a sign to us as we plodded onwards that it was all going to be okay.  And it was.  The tag sale was a success!

Also, as an aside, tag sales are very pro-life and spiritually profitable ... a lot of stuff that would normally be thrown out gets used again (good stewardship AND green!), tag sales help the poor (work of mercy!) and you get to hang out with people in a semi-relaxing atmosphere (fellowship!)  We say semi-relaxing because set-up and take-down are not relaxing at all, but LOTS of work (work is prayer!)

Tag Sales are good, Connecticut Right to Life Corp is wonderful, the Conference is all set.  If anyone else out there would like to sponsor an ad in our program book, click here for the form!

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