Friday, November 9, 2012

 Read this letter from Abby Johnson:

 Dear Friend-

Since the election, I have felt renewed resolve. Elections won't
stop abortion. Our commitment to this cause and our willingness to
sacrifice is what saves lives. Our willingness to file away our
own desires and to simply focus on the needs of women in crisis is
what saves lives. Our ability to step out of our comfort zones and
to witness to those walking into abortion clinics is what saves
lives. With the help of God, we save lives...not our federal
government. It is up to us. It always has been, no matter who has
ever been in office. Now is the time to energize grassroots
efforts. Now is the time to step out of our comfort zones. Now is
the time to demonstrate love to those who celebrate the culture
of death.

This is why ministries like And Then There Were None are so vital.
Lives are changed through our efforts.  Babies are spared.  Souls
are changed.  You are making a difference through this ministry.
We reach one worker at a time.  One at a time is how we will win.
Thirty-six workers have been changed.  That is just the beginning!

Here is my warning to Obama.  You are in for the fight of your
life, Mr. President.  We in the pro-life movement will not back
down.  We will not be silent.  We will come away from your
pro-abortion agenda stronger than ever before.  We will not
adhere to those things that compromise our principles.  We will
fight back with increased fervor.

Just four years ago, I was celebrating the victory of Barack Obama.
My heart has been changed. All hearts can change. We must pray and
fast. Now is not the time to throw in the towel. "This too shall
pass." Be committed. Be in prayer. Be active. Use your voice.
I was not voted out of Planned Parenthood. I was prayed out of
Planned Parenthood.

Fighting for Life,

Abby Johnson

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