Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Scary Science

Annie F. writes: “I read a very intriguing CNS article on stem cell research in the August 2009 Catholic Transcript (the newspaper of the Archdiocese of Hartford.) It documents yet more proof that embryonic stem cells, derived from creating a new human being and killing him or her to get the stem cells or taking a little human being who has been kept in storage because of parental abandonment or disinterest, and killing him or her to get the stem cells is completely and totally unnecessary to further the science on therapeutic use. According to the associate director of the USCCB Secretariat of Pro-Life Activities, skin cells have been found to have the full range of uses that embryonic stem cells are proposed for. There is the worry that even skin cells (a kind of IPS or Adult Stem Cell) have the potential for damage if researchers become crazy enough to try to put them in a human embryo which will lead to the change of that particular human being’s genetic make-up, affecting future generations related to that child. I was happy about the article, though, because it gives pro-lifers more proof against the practice of experimenting with embryonic stem cells.

The fact that some researchers have an incessant urge to “play-around” with human embryos is frightening. Scientists, with the research on IPSs, have found a way that does no harm and is not an ethical problem and the Dr. Frankensteins among them managed to figure out a way to do harm and create an ethical problem. The genetic change-ups resulting from this kind of experimentation, could be devastating. It seems almost as if some scientists are trying to COMPLETELY “perfect” human beings. The whole scenario reminds me of the Superman Act where Adolf Hitler tried to develop a perfect, powerful human race. Today’s researchers with the same intention are a huge step ahead of where Hitler managed to get with his insanity. Like Hitler’s victims, the human beings they intend to use have NO voice or legal rights. But unlike Hitler’s victims, today’s human victims will have their very physiological substance changed if they survive.

Not only should we monitor and protest against scientists using this amazing new discovery for evil, but we should pray for their conversion with all of our hearts. We need to be looking out for our unborn brothers and sisters.

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  1. Interesting article, Annie.
    There's so much to know. I'm looking forward to the conference.