Thursday, August 6, 2009

What is Y-LIFE?

Y-LIFE (Youth for Life) is a recently organized student pro-life group in northwestern & north central Connecticut. As a group it seeks to foster respect for life from conception until natural death. The only way to accomplish this is to change hearts and minds with the best tool available — truth.

Many people today don’t seem to realize that, as a country, we have lost respect for human life in its most vulnerable stages. The elderly are being neglected in nursing homes and the unborn are being killed mostly because they represent an “inconvenience” to their mothers and fathers. Many young people are seeing the selfishness and chaos the current attitude is causing.

As teenagers and young adults, Y-LIFE wants to work toward restoring a culture of life where material things are NOT more important than people, and where the value of a person depends on his or her innate dignity, rather than on whether he or she is ”convenient.”

This year’s major project, in addition to the Conference, has been to raise $16,000 toward an ultrasound machine for St. Gerard’s Center for Life in Hartford, Connecticut. $12,000 has been raised as of June, 2009.

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