Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Well, we certainly can't forget our celebrant for Mass, Father Greg Galvin.  Father Galvin is the Vocations Director for the Diocese of Norwich and has a terrific story of how he came to realize his vocation.  Perhaps he'll work it into his homily ... hint hint.

Our second break-out session will feature three more great presenters.  Our strategy as a group is to divide up and get members to all three sessions and then compare notes.  Some of the saints have actually done bi-location (St. Padre Pio, for instance), but tri-location? Hmmm.  So here are the choices for break-out session II:

Fr. Reggie Norman will be addressing the topic of Black Genocide.  It's a harsh reality, but one that pro-lifers have been trying to point out for years.  Fr. Norman will be putting the issue in terms that cannot be misunderstood or twisted as he has seen the devastation of abortion in the African American community. 

Break-out session II has another fascinating choice: Two Lawyers Explain How Abortion is the Civil Rights Issue of Our Day.  The two lawyers are Brian Hoeing (pictured) and Calum Anderson.  They will be bringing all the legal reasoning and resources they can muster to show how denying the unborn the right to their very lives is an abuse of power that will eventually spill over to threaten the lives of those already born, the so-called "inconvenient" among us.  History shows us over and over and over again that this situation has one outcome, and it isn't good if it isn't changed.

The third choice for this session is Nicole Peck (pictured speaking on the State Capitol steps in Hartford) with Missionaries for Life on Abortion: The Personal and Medical Perspectives.  Nicole brings a message of hope and grace, besides letting us know that abortion is not the so-called option society and some health class curriculum would have us believe.

So there you have it.  Don't forget, we are having a pizza lunch at noon, bankrolled by Connecticut Right to Life Corporation.  Thank you, CRLC!  And last, but by no means least, is the Holy Hour and Closing from 4 p.m to 5 p.m., with an opportunity for Confession.

See you on Saturday!

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