Monday, September 21, 2009


It's hard to believe that after months of preparation, the September 26th Conference is only a few days away.  We are incredibly indebted to Holy Apostles College and Seminary and the Holy Apostles Life League (HALL)  for partnering with us on this Conference ... without their help, the idea for the Conference would have remained just that ... an idea. 

We are very excited about our speakers.  Many of you have been to a Sean Forrest event, and those of you who haven't are in for a great time.  To see what's new with Sean and all the great work he's doing, visit his website at

Our speakers for the break-out sessions are also amazing ...  too bad we can't hear them all, one after the other.  But the issues they'll be helping us understand are the issues that will define our future and each of them is an expert on the topic they will be bringing to us.  Today's blog entry features the choices you have for break-out Session 1 ...

Sister Nancy Marie Piecewicz of the Felician Sisters will be addressing the topic of Euthanasia, or so-called mercy-killing.  Of lot of us, when we watch television or read certain writers, will be introduced to this issue as one where more and more people want the option to "check out" when they are not happy with their quality of life.  Of course, the downside of the practice of euthanasia is never explored, and the nature of human suffering is completely swept under the carpet.  Sr. Nancy works with the elderly and infirm, so she not only talks the talk, but walks the walk.

Mike Barnett from the American Life League (ALL) will be educating us about the job of getting a pro-life youth going, or growing in How to Grow Your Campus Pro-Life Group.  His focus is on how to make this happen on a college campus, but the ideas and motivators he will be presenting to us can also apply to a pro-life youth group in your parish or school.  Those of us in Y-LIFE are really excited, because we have used the "stumble-along" method, but God has put us in touch with some awesome people, especially the seminarians in the Holy Apostles Life League (HALL).  Mike comes highly recommended to us, so we can't wait!

Deacon John Trambley, a seminarian at Holy Apostles and member of HALL will be covering the topic Stem Cell Research and Bioethics.  Young people are bombarded with information from news outlets that the Catholic Church opposes stem cell research ... NOT TRUE.  And John will get into the truth of the matter, showing us that this issue is much more complex than a news media soundbite.  You will be very surprised by this talk if you think you know what the Church teaches based on what you have heard.  Also, you will be amazed at the science of it all.  Not bored.  Amazed.

The program book we'll be handing out at the Conference will have the biographies of our speakers.  There will also be blank pages for you to take notes if you want to!  Some people do, and some don't.

Tomorrow's blog entry will have a brief description of break-out session 2, featuring Fr. Reggie Norman on Black Genocide, Brian Hoeing and Cal Anderson on Two Lawyers Explain How Abortion is the Civil Rights Issue of Our Day, and Nicole Peck of Missionaries for Life on Abortion: the Personal and Medical Perspective.

 There is still room, so do not hesitate to email us at:

See you on Saturday!
Oh, and don't forget to pray a Memorare each day for the intention
of a successful (whatever God's idea of success might be ...) Conference.

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  1. Young people have so much to offer. It is good to see a program to educate and motivate them. I hope many CT youth are inspired to do more!