Friday, September 11, 2009

Pray a "Memorare" for the success of the Conference ....

Well, the Conference is only two weeks and a day away.  Registrations are trickling in and we are hoping for a great event!  The Break Out Sessions are first come, first served, so those of you who have already registered have your first choice locked in.  Anyone needing registration forms or sponsorship forms, email us at:

We had this idea that if everyone would pray a Memorare each day for the intention that the Conference would be God's success and not ours, then how can we fail?  The next few months are key for the pro-life movement here in Connecticut.  40 Days for Life are coming up, and we are fervently hoping the Conference will inspire a lot of people to support the 40 Days.  So many babies are saved during this time, so many mothers are helped, so many people reach out to help ... a Culture of Life reveals itself as a real possibility for our suffering world.

It helps to remember that this month is also the month of Our Lady of Sorrows, especially on this 8th anniversary of September 11, 2001.  Her intercession on behalf of anyone who suffers from grief or loss of any kind is loving and powerful.

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